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Florida Promissory Note Litigation

Florida promissory every note litigation. Do you have the original promissory note. You know, in Florida there’s a lot of litigation involving Florida. Promissory notes or Florida contracts or debts of people in Florida. We know that. From an evidence perspective who has the original promissory note in Florida, if you are owed money by someone from Florida, we know there’s all these special rules when that person dies, you have to file statements of claim, you may have to work with the person’s estate unless somebody is going to come in and pay the debt. What happens right now if you’re litigating, where you have a Florida lawsuit about a Florida promissory note, where’s the original promissory notes? So very, very important because there’s a way to get a copy in and sometimes you can’t get a copy of the note and you have to explain where the original notice. That’s an issue of Florida evidence found under chapter 90. To read more about this Florida evidence issue and promissory note litigation in Florida, read the MBC Gospel Network case versus Florida’s News Channel LLC. It was issued by the First District Court of Appeal on April 22nd 2019.