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Florida Probate Litigation Who’s an Interested Person

Who can be considered an Interested person in an estate lawsuit and who can’t.

Who can participate in an estate lawsuit and who shouldn’t.
Hello, my name is John Pankauski and I’m an estate litigation attorney with Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach. The lawyers in my firm get calls just about every week from family members and prospective clients wanting to know if they can get involved in a Probate. Many times family members who live out of state, who don’t live in Florida have learned about a Probate proceeding and estate proceeding in Florida but they didn’t get noticed and they want to know if they can participate. Many times the Florida legal issue is answered by revolves around is whether an interested person in the estate.
What does that mean? Well you can talk to an experienced estate litigation attorney to understand when an interested person is in a Florida Probate. You can go online and read more about this legal concept free of charge. Check out the Aug 30th 2017 opinion from Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeal that discusses what an Interested Person is in a Florida Estate. The case is Delbrock vs Everling, who is the personal Representative of the estate. The citation is 226 SO 3d 929. If you are involved in a lawsuit an people are coming into the probate and start asking for things or issuing discovery or filing motions and petitions what you should do is first determine whether they have the right to that, whether they are an interested person or not. And by the same token, on the other side of that legal coin, if you haven’t been given notice of a Florida Probate proceeding what can you do? Find out if you are an interested person and if you are, exercise your rights, but remember you have a limited time to exercise those rights in Florida Probate and Estates.
My name is John Pankauski, I encourage you to speak to an experienced Florida Probate Litigation Attorney to answer your questions about all your inheritance topics.