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Florida Litigation Cross Claims and Counterclaims

Do cross claims and counterclaims survive after the underline lawsuit is dismissed ?

Florida litigation, cross-claims and counterclaims. Do they survive after the underlying lawsuit is dismissed. Hello, my name is John Pankauski. Have you ever been involved in a Florida lawsuit where someone sues somebody else and there is a counterclaim and then the defendant who brought the counter-claim brings a cross claim against some other 3rd party whose brought into the litigation. Well if you are involved in that type of Florida lawsuit, what happens when the original litigation is dismissed. What happens with the counterclaims and cross claims. Do they survive or do they not survive. To learn more about this Florida Litigation topic, consider reading the Fersom Mortgage Inc. vs Moreno. It’s from April 25th 2018, from Florida’s 3rd District Court of Appeal.