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Florida Limited Partnership Lawsuits

Family limited partnership lawsuits in Florida.

Are you the beneficiary of a trust or an estate plan that was maybe created by mom or dad? One of the most famous or infamous estate planning entities for wealthy individuals in Florida is the family limited partnership, where mom or dad, or some type of LLC, or corporation that they create is the one percent general partner of an entity like a family limited partnership. And then they give away, sell, assign, or place in trust limited partnership interests.

And it’s these limited partnership interests that are usually left, or gifted to, or given to, or transferred to family members, beneficiaries, or trusts for their benefits.

Understanding your rights as a limited partner, or as the beneficiary of a trust that owns a family limited partnership interest is very important. But remember, the law doesn’t help those who remain silent. The law helps those who assert their rights. So if you think you have questions that you’re not getting answers to, ask more questions of somebody who’s experienced in litigating family limited partnerships in Florida.