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Florida Lawsuits, Discovery Violations, and Getting Attorneys Fees

Florida lawsuits, discovery violations, discovery motions, and getting attorneys fees.

I just recently spoke about the Perlmutter case of Fourth District Court of Appeal, February 20, 2019 case, where somebody didn’t comply with court orders regarding discovery and they received the ultimate sanction, the dismissal of their lawsuit.

Now, another Fourth District Court of Appeal deals with discovery disputes and whether you can get attorneys fees if you went on a motion to compel. Now remember, we have a very specific rule that deals with attorneys fees and motions to compel discovery.

You can read the Sims case, or the Federal Express Corporation case, by going to the Fourth District Court of Appeal website, clicking on Opinions and scrolling down. Then you can read more about the Florida Rule of Civil Procedure that may get you attorneys fees if you’re involved in a motion to compel discovery.