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Florida Lawsuits and Naming the Proper Defendants

Names matter ! If you are suing a corporate entity, you need to get ALL the names of the sister entities that may be involved in the issue regarding the suit you are bringing against them.

Florida lawsuit and naming the proper defendants. Names mean a lot. Hello my name is John Pankauski. You know we’re probate litigators here, we also handle appeals throughout Florida and so we generally know who we are involved with the many times we have to sue a corporation or some type of an entity like a limited liability company or partnership. A recent Florida case from Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal stands for one proposition that’s not readily apparent in the opinion and that’s that names matter particularly corporate names. If you’re involved in a lawsuit and you’re making allegations in a particular lawsuit about a corporate entity like an LLC or partnership and that corporate entity has a similar or related brother or sister Corporation or entity you need to get those names right and you need to use them repeatedly in the correct order. You can’t say that one entity did one thing and another entity may or may not have done another thing. Why, because you have to demonstrate that the proper parties before the court and that they have legal standing, they have the legal ability to come in here and participate in this proceeding. To read more about filing lawsuits and allegations with the proper corporate entity names, read the Vieira case versus PennyMac Corp issued March 21st 2018 by Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal. You can read a free online by going to the 4th DCA website, clicking on opinions, scrolling down by the day and looking for their names.