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Florida Independent Contractors and Venue

Florida independent contractors and venue for Florida lawsuits. Are you in the right court or do you need to go to a different venue? Recently on April 24th 2019, the appellate court for Miami Dade County, the Third District Court of Appeal, issued an important ruling in the Victor Alan Clark versus Celebrity Cruise case. This was an issue about a venue. What’s the proper court? Where do you go to bring a lawsuit? Are you before the proper tribunal or is Florida not the proper venue for your lawsuit? This Third District Court of Appeal, appellate opinion talks about then you in the context of an independent contractor. If you’re involved in a Florida lawsuit, issues like subject matter jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction and venue are very, very important. Certainly in trust lawsuits, in Florida estate proceedings, venue is very, very important. Although this is not a Florida trust lawsuit or a Florida probate lawsuit case, it nonetheless is instructive.