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Florida Guardianship Law – What Can You Learn From Other States

It’s important to keep abreast of how other states are handling guardianship cases.

You know guardianship litigation and guardianship filings for adults are rising throughout the country. Here in Palm Beach County and throughout Florida, probate court judges now have an increasing number of cases dealing with guardianships of adults, not minor children. So what are other courts doing in the rest of the country. Well you can read about that by reading appellate opinions from other states and many times you can read them for free.

If you want to learn about guardianship proceedings and what the nature of a guardianship proceeding is all about, consider reading a very recent case May 29th 2018 from an Ohio opinion. It’s the matter of guardianship of Rosenberger. You can read it at 2018 WL 244-0498. Many times guardianships are not supposed to be contested or adversarial or mean-spirited but sometimes family members fight to control mom, control dad and who’s going to control the money in a guardianship. All these answers and in your queries to other questions about guardianship can be answered by an experienced trial lawyer who also handles guardianship matters.