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Florida Financial Crimes Against the Elderly

Florida financial crimes against the elderly, trying to help your mom or dad and stop people from stealing their money. 

If your mom or dad is an elderly person in Florida, chances are you may be concerned that they’re well taken care of and that their financial assets and bank accounts are likewise safe. What do you do if you suspect that mom or dad are the victims of some financial crime or financial exploitation, maybe by a trustee, a neighbor, somebody with a power or attorney, or even a guardian. 

Well, you can start by reading Chapter 825 of the Florida Laws. These statutes tell you all about what civil remedies a family has when they suspect that mom or dad have been financially exploited by a power of attorney or a trustee or a guardian. 

825.101 defines a number of legal actors and concepts under financial exploitation in Florida. You can read that online free of charge. If you keep reading that statute, you will also see that family members can get an injunction to try to stop the person who’s committing the fraud or the civil theft, and you’ll have a better chance to get in front of a Court to protect your parents’ assets.