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Florida Estate Lawsuits, Sanctions, and a Motion for Attorneys Fees

A recent opinion that was handed deals the sanctions, attorney fees under statute 57.105.

Florida estate lawsuits, sanctions and a motion for attorneys fees. Hello, my name is John Pankauski. Are you involved in a estate or probate litigation lawsuit? If you are,you want to read this recent case handed down Feb 23rd 2018. It’s a very current case, it’s from Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeal. The opinion is not that long, it’s the case of Moore vs estate of Albee 2018. 2018 Westlaw 20150. Why do you want to read this? This opinion from Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeal dealt with a probate matter, an estate matter, a motion for attorney fees under chapter 57.105, a statute 57.105, which permits a trial court a probate court judge to access sanctions, to sanction someone in the form of attorney fees for bad faith conduct. For making an allegation or a defense that is not supported by the facts of the law. And in this particular matter, the denial of the motion for attorney fees under 57.105 was appealed and you can read all about how the 5th District Court of Appeal analyzed the probate court when it came to its decision and how it affirmed the probate court decision. For more information about seeking sanctions or attorney fees in an estate or probate matter under 57.105, talk to an experienced estate litigation law firm.