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Florida Court Orders to Produce Confidential Information

Florida court orders to produce privileged and confidential information. How do you get out of that order the right way? You know, the Second District Court of Appeal in Florida on April 24th 2019 handed down an important opinion on privileged communications and one party’s right to seek an appellate review of a trial court order requiring the disclosure of that confidential and privileged information. So, if you’re involved in a Florida state or Florida probate or a Florida trust lawsuit, listen up, because sometimes you’re asked to produce very confidential documents or communications and the disclosure of those may amount to a reparable harm. Do you know how to file a motion for protective order? Do you know how to go in front of the probate judge and ask for protection? And if you are commanded or ordered to produce privileged information, do you know how to file a Florida appeal to predict your confidential or privileged information? Read the Dominguez case versus Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. It was handed down on April 24th 2019 by Florida Second District Court of Appeal. You’ll learn all about a motion for protective order, privileged you’ll learn about in camera inspections and a petition for a writ of certiorari regarding a discovery order at Florida appeals court.