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Florida Contract Lawsuits: Extensions of Time and Terminating Florida Contracts

Florida contract lawsuits, extensions of time for your Florida contract, and terminating a Florida contract. Who’s doing it right? You know, on April 24th 2019, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal, that’s the Appeals Court from Miami Dade County issued an opinion in the Megacenter case. Megacenter US LLC versus Goodman Doral 88th Court LLC. There was a contract lawsuit from Florida that was involved in this case, a contract interpretation. Not surprisingly, there were extensions of time and then there were issues about whether a contract was canceled properly or not. Florida law regarding contract lawsuits is clear about how to read or interpret a contract, but sometimes there’s disputed issues. And so the trial court in Florida has to make findings of fact. If you want to learn more about this case or if you’re involved in contract litigation or business lawsuits in Florida, go to the Third District Court of Appeal website. Click on the date and scroll down to this case. You can read it free of charge.