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Florida Contract Lawsuits and Exculpatory Clauses

Florida contract lawsuits and exculpatory clauses. What is an exculpatory clause and does it prevent somebody from going to a Florida trial on a contract claim? It is April 2019th, I’m John Penkalski and we’re going to be discussing the Casasanta case. It’s a First District Court of Appeal Case handed down on April 16th, 2019 it happens to deal with an exculpatory clause in a contract. Can you get away from liability if you harm somebody and the person you harmed sign and exculpatory provision or an exculpatory clause in a contract that says they’re not gonna sue you. Are those clauses valid in Florida and under a Florida contract? To read more about that, go to the First District Court of Appeals website. Click on opinion, scroll down to April 16th, look for the Casasanta v. Sailshare 296 LLC.