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Florida Child Support For Special Needs Persons

A recent appellate appeal opinion that was handed down deals with divorce and child support where the child has special needs.

Florida child support for special needs children. Family law and divorce. Hello, my name is John Pankauski. The appellate attorneys and trial attorneys here at Pankauski Hauser handle a number of probate matters throughout the state of Florida. In many times we are asked to get involved in divorces. Why? Because sometimes their is an issue of a guardian or a guardianship, a trust, money that is invested or held in a trust for somebody and many times parties to a divorce or family law dispute members die and many times they just want to appeal a family law matter. and the appellate attorneys in our office are called in to assist trial counsel divorce lawyers, family law lawyers. If you are involved in a child support issue there is a recent case involving child support for a special needs child. You may want to read the LaMorte vs Testoni, March 14th 2018 issued by the Palm Beach Appeals Court what we call the 4th District Court of Appeal. LaMorte vs Testoni a very short opinion but it speaks about this particular issue of child support for special needs children.