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Florida Appellate Practices – Second-Tier Certiorari Review

If you are involved in municipal ordinances, administrative rulings and second rulings at a trial court, you can get a second look or appeal under certain circumstances.

Florida Appellate practice, seeking second-tier certiorari review, what is that. Hello, my name is John Pankauski, I’m at Pankauski Hauser here in West Palm Beach, Florida. The appellate lawyers and trial attorneys in our firm handle matters throughout the state of Florida, but we are are based in West Palm Beach. There is a very recent case, from this particular area, Palm Beach County that involves second-tier certiorari review. If you are involved in Municipal Ordinances, Administrative rulings and certain rulings at the trial court or the county court, you can get a second look or a second appeal under certain limited circumstances. You need to understand second-tier certiorari reviews so talk to an appellate attorney if you want to be involved in a ruling where there was an error of law. You can read more about this appellate concept by reading a Jan 17th 2018 case from Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeal. 14269 BT LLC vs the Village of Wellington. It discusses all about this second-tier certiorari review and it will be helpful to you if you are involved in business litigation and you think an appeal may be appropriate or not and by the same token if the other side is appealing it or seeking a second-tier review, you should know if they can do that or not. My name is John Pankauski and this concludes my remarks about this Florida appeals process.