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Florida Appeals Involving Time Sharing

Increasingly, our firm is asked to become involved in family law appeals and it pertains to guardianship’s, child support and the sharing of a child’s time between divorcing parents.

Florida appeals involving time sharing, divorce parents and children. Hello, my name is John Pankauski. You know the appellate lawyers and trial attorneys at Pankauski Hauser have a state wide practice and increasingly we are asked to become involved in guardianship and divorce matters. Why? Many times people involved in a divorce matter want an appellate attorney to assist them in either at trial or an order of the family court / divorce court is being appealed. Many times there not arguing about whether the divorce was granted properly or not, they arguing about child support or time sharing and increasingly common issue before our appellate courts. Time sharing, how much time does a parent who is divorced get to spend with their children and when can they spend time with their children. Consider reading the Subramanian case. This is a March 14th 2018 Florida Appeals Court opinion from Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeal involving time sharing, family law and divorce law. Subramanian issued March 14th 2018 you can read it free of charge by going to 4th DCA website, clicking on opinions and then scrolling down to the date and then looking for the name of the party.