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Florida adoptions, who’s entitled to notice?

There’s two District Court of Appeals cases that you need to read to determine who is entitled to notice.

Florida adoptions, who’s entitled to notice? Are you involved in an issue, a legal issue maybe a lawsuit involving adoption in Florida. Remember in Florida adoptions are not limited to minors,
there’s actually no law against adopting somebody who’s over the age of 18 and in circumstances that are more common than you maybe realize, people are adopting girlfriend’s, neighbor’s, business
associates, people who are clearly adults. Who’s entitled to notice of that adoption in the state of Florida? There’s two cases that you need to read. One is the Goodman case from a few years back
that was from Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal down in Miami. There’s also a 2013 case that talks all about adoptions, the public policy of our state, what happens if the adoption was outside
the state of Florida. Will Florida give credence or recognize that adoption. You can read the Dennis V Cline case that discusses these issues 127 3rd 11, this is from Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeal. That legal opinion is dated June 19th 2013.