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Five Traps or Mistakes about a Florida Probate Lawsuit

Are you involved in a Florida inheritance dispute, or a probate dispute? Here are five things you need to be careful about.

First of all, there’s very short statutes of limitations that you have to be aware about if you’re going to object to a will.

Secondly, you need to read everything that the executor or the personal representative sends you because those things will contain the statute of limitations.

Three, remember that staying silent is not a good thing. The law doesn’t help those who don’t speak up. The law helps those who exercise their rights by taking a position.

The fourth thing that you need to understand is, you may be entitled to a trial. And if you’re going to have a trial, you need to consider whether you’re going to ask for a jury trial or not.

Finally, you need to know what happens if the other side loses and files an estate appeal or a probate appeal. When you’re involved in your inheritance dispute, consider interviewing law firms that limit their practice to only estate and trust litigation.