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Finding the Best Probate Lawyer for your Lawsuit in Florida

You know, when we get calls from prospective clients from throughout the country, many times family members or beneficiaries of Florida estates and trust, they’re looking for the best lawyer. I don’t know that best is the right description.

Here’s what you need if you have an inheritance dispute. You need someone who you get along with personally, some type of rapport on the phone or in person when you interview that lawyer.

Two, you need to find somebody who actually handles trials and appeals in Florida estates and probates. Not somebody who just administers estates. Not somebody who just writes wills and trusts.

You want to find out if they have the experience. Most people are looking for more than 20 years of experience.

And finally, you want to find somebody who’ll bring the focus that you want. Do you set cases for trial? Are you having evidentiary hearings, issuing subpoenas, calling witnesses? Are you focused and furious?

How do you find the best estate lawyer for your probate dispute? Find out what you want, what’s important to you. Make a list and then try to find and interview as many Florida estate lawyers as you can.