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Financial Exploitation and Elder Abuse

Family members, do you know what your rights are?

Let’s say mom or dad are getting along in years, they’re growing increasingly reliant on others. Maybe they’re isolated, maybe they’re getting frail, and their mental capacity is diminishing.

Unfortunately in Florida they are subject to or maybe the victim of financial exploitation, people who prey on the elderly.

Now, there are civil remedies for the family, we’re not talking about criminal remedies. There’s civil remedies that you, as family members who normally would inherit mom or dad’s wealth, there’s civil remedies available to you to sue the wrongdoers.

We have very specific statutes that you can file a lawsuit under. We have very specific statutes that provide for the recovery of damages. And in certain instances, if the financial exploitation is really a greed  just to wrong, you may be able to get punitive damages. You may or may not be able to get triple damages. Talk to an estate litigation lawyer or a probate lawyer who’s familiar with filing these very specific types of lawsuits.