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Fiduciary Duties of a Florida Estate Executor

What are the fiduciary duties or obligations of a Florida estate executor?

We call an executor of a Florida estate a personal representative. They have fiduciary duties, they have obligations that they’re required to comply with. If they don’t comply with those duties or they breach them, they break them, they can be removed. They can be surcharged, they can be taxed with fees or costs or a fine levied by a probate court. So you need to understand what the duties are of a Florida estate administrator, a personal representative, and whether they’re doing a good job or not. From there, you can determine whether they’ve breached any of their duties. But with that said, the duties of a Florida estate administrator are, as you would expect them to be of most fiduciaries, good faith, fair dealing, take care of the beneficiaries, be truthful with everyone.