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Estate Planning Lawyers As Personal Representatives or Trustees

Florida’s Supreme Court just made an amendment stating that if an estate planning lawyer is acting as a personal representatives, that needs to be in writing now.

Estate Planning lawyers as a personal representative or trustees, get it in writing. Hello, my name is John Pankauski, I’m a an trust and estate litigation attorney in West Palm Beach, Florida. You know many times family members call us upset. They are upset because mom or dad estate planning lawyer is making millions of dollars or thousands of dollars as the executor of the Florida estate or what we call the personal representative or as trustee of a trust. Effective of Feb 1st 2018, that type of appointment of a lawyer in an estate plan, a will or a trust that they draft must be in writing. Feb 1st 2108, Florida’s Supreme Court issued an amendment or a change to comments contained in Rule 4-1.8. If you see a lawyer, who drafted a will or a trust and they are named as trustee or executor, personal representative, ask those questions or speak to an experienced probate trial attorney.