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Estate, Lawyer, and Probate Fees in Florida Probate

Are you the beneficiary of a Florida probate or a Florida estate? Do you know how many out-of-state, non-Florida residents who are family members and beneficiaries of Florida probates call us about estate fees? Fees that personal representatives and executors, family members, or Florida lawyers, are charging?

Remember, that comes out of your inheritance, most of the time. What do you do if the estate fees are very, very high? What do you do if after somebody dies, post death, you’re involved in a probate or estate administration? And people are taking or misusing your inheritance in the guise of excessive estate fees for attorneys fees?

You may be able to sue them in tort, you may be able to get out of the probate division, and, if your lawyer is good, he or she might ask for a jury trial that’ll get you to the civil division. You might be able to sue an attorney, or a trustee, or personal representative, to get your inheritance back.