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Estate Lawsuits and Trust Lawsuits and the Defense of Unclean Hands

Can you use unclean hands if you’re being sued in a Florida trust or estate lawsuit? You know, Florida probate litigation lawsuits involving estates and trusts permit you to file defenses. And many times, people are sued over an estate, a probate or a trust improperly.

Now, what you should be doing and talking to your trust litigation lawyer about, is raising defenses, affirmative defenses. And a very recent case talks about the defense of unclean hands and when you can raise that. It’s an equitable defense that permits you to raise the defense that somebody who is suing you can’t come to court and get relief if they have caused the problem.

You can read more about it in the Corrigan case, Corrigan v. Vargas, it’s a Fifth District Court of Appeal case from April 5 th 2019. It’s not a probate case, but this Appellate Court opinion does talk about Unclean Hands in a Florida lawsuit.