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Equitable Lien on Florida Homestead

Equitable lien on Florida homestead. Is this proper? Everybody knows in Florida that you have a homestead and generally a homestead is exempt from attachment by creditors. Homestead is one of those sacred cows of Florida law, right? There’s restrictions on a Florida homestead and how it can be inherited or transferred away during life and at death if there is a spouse or minor children under very limited circumstances. Also, most homesteads are protected from creditors and even though there’s certain exceptions to that rule, there’s a couple of important cases about fraudulent conveyances in Florida and also equitable lien on a homestead. Can you place an equitable lien on a homestead or your main Florida residence? On April 24th 2019, Miami’s Third District Court of appeal issued the opinion and the Diego versus Barrios, B-A-R-R-I-O-S, that talks all about an equitable lien on homestead.