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Duties and Responsibilities of a Florida Trustee

A Florida trustee has a lot of fiduciary duties and a lot of legal obligations or responsibilities under Florida law. If you have a trust that is interpreted by, or governed by, administered by Florida law and you’re a beneficiary, that’s really important. Because a Florida trustee has a lot of duties that they owe to you, and they have to comply with those duties. If they don’t, that’s a breach of fiduciary duty, and the trustee could be removed.

If you’re a trust beneficiary, the good news is that you have many, many rights and you have a trustee who has obligations to you and you can exercise those rights. The trustee is supposed to share information with you and serve you. In fact, the Florida trustee is supposed to place his or her interests above everyone else’s, including their own, to look out for you and protect you as a trust beneficiary.

The bad news about Florida trust law is if certain information has been disclosed to you as a trust beneficiary in a certain way, and you don’t take action or exercise your rights sometimes within days, you have a very short statute of limitations.