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Defamation in Florida in the Employment Context

Handling of appeals and how should a court interpret a marital settlement agreement?

Defamation in Florida in the employment context. Hello my name is John Pankauski. The lawyers at Pankauski Hauser, the trial attorneys and appellate lawyers handle matters throughout the State of Florida. You get a lot of calls and related issues like slander and libel. What happens if you are defamed and can you recover attorneys fees and costs in that can you recover damages how do you handle a defamation trial or lawsuit in Florida and if it’s in the employment context. An employer-employee, is that different? Well luckily there’s an appellate court opinion that tells us a little bit about this and you can read it for free. It’s the Cameron vs.Jastremski case. It was issued April 25th 2018 by Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal. It talks about absolute privileges and defamation in the employment context. So if you’re an employee whose left work and you’re being sued for defamation cuz maybe your alleged to have said bad things about your employer or vice versa if you are an employee who is left in you’re suing the employee because you believe some offices of directors are saying bad things about you know your rights under the laws of defamation.