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Damages in a Florida Trial or Appeal

One important aspect of damages in Florida is you can’t double-dip.

Damages in a Florida Trial or Appeal. Hello my name is John Pankauski. I’m a trial attorney with Pankowski Hauser. You know the trial attorneys and appellate lawyers here in Pankauski Hauser have a Statewide practice and many times we spent a lot of time focusing on the damage element. How much have you been harmed if we’re suing somebody. What are the damages or what would experts call what’s the Quantum of Damages. How do we measure damages. After all. damages are very important. Generally speaking if you haven’t been harmed or damaged you can’t file a lawsuit and remember when you prove your case at trial a damages are usually is always the last element or thing that you need to prove damages can never be inferred by a court. So one important aspect of damages in Florida is you can’t double-dip right you can only get your damages, and I’m not talking about punitive damages are attorneys fees, I’m talking about damages. You can’t double-dip and get double your damages so if you want to read more about damages and double-dipping read some consolidated opinions that just came down from Florida’s fourth district court of appeal. The 4th DCA is the Appellate Court for Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. It’s literally within a few blocks of our law office in West Palm Beach. This was just issued in March 21st 2018 by the 4th District. You can read it online for free by clicking the opinions. It’s Addison Construction Corp vs VeCellio. That was for 4D16-0618 consolidated appeal, consolidated opinion with 4D16-0863, that’s DeSantis vs the VeCellio. You can read more about damages by reading this opinion on the 4th DCA website.