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Crazy Issues in Florida Divorce Law and Guardianship Law

Divorce law and guardianship law, why are there crazy issues?

If you’re involved in a guardianship matter, such as mom or dad is accused of needing some help or believed to be incapacitated, you may need a guardianship action, and you may or may not need a guardian for mom or dad. Regardless, if a guardianship petition has been filed, there’s all these crazy rules about getting married or getting divorced.

Why are there these crazy rules? Because when you have spouses in guardianships and you’re discussing marriage or divorce, the legal areas of family law collide with guardianship law.

There’s a recent case from February 20, 2019. It’s the George case, the George case is a recent appellate opinion that deals with issues of marriage and trying to annul a marriage when a guardian petition has been filed. It’s from February 20, 2019. The District Court of Appeal is the Fourth District Court of Appeal. You can read the George case online for free by going to the Fourth DCA website and searching Opinions.