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Contract Lawsuits in Florida – Business Contracts. How does a Trial Court deal with them?

A recent Appellate Court from Florida tells us about the interpretation of a Florida contract. In Florida contracts, when there’s a contract lawsuit in Florida, contracts in essence are pure issue of law. The interpretation, the construction, interpretation of what that contract says, what it means is typically a pure question of law, which means the court reads it and tells you what it says.

There’s rules of construction or interpretation, generally the court reads it, determines if it’s unambiguous; if it’s unambiguous, it applies the plain and clear meaning of the contract and then it tells the party what it says.

What’s important to people who are involved in a contract lawsuit or a business lawsuit in Florida is if you have a pure question of law, you might be able to save time and money of a trial by filing a motion for summary judgment. Read the Snyder v. Florida Prepaid College Board case, it was issued March 13th 2019 by Florida’s First District Court of Appeal.