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Compelling a Deposition and a Motion for Protective Order in Florida

Florida lawsuits, compelling a deposition and a motion for protective order. Have you ever been involved in a Florida lawsuit like maybe an undue influence lawsuit or a probate lawsuit in Florida and you want to depose somebody? You want to ask questions of somebody under oath in front of the video camera and in front of a court reporter? Well, if you want to take that person’s deposition, the other side might find it oppressive or harassing or there may be other objections to sitting for their deposition. Can you compel somebody to sit for a deposition in a Florida lawsuit or can somebody who’s been noticed for deposition in a Florida lawsuit file a motion for protective order and be prevented from sitting for a deposition in a Florida lawsuit? Read this April 24th, 2019 opinion from Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal. Miami Dade College versus Del Pino Allen is a recent case that talks all about Florida motions for protective orders and the right to take somebody deposition.