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Changing a Will – Can you do that in Florida?

If you believe there was a mistake in the creation of a will, it is possible to get it changed, under certain circumstances.

Hello, my name is John Pankauski, I’m a will litigation attorney at Pankauski Hauser. The trial lawyers and appellate attorneys at our firms handle matters throughout the State of Florida and we limit our practice to trials disputes and appeals involving four areas of the law. Estates & Probates, Guardianships and Business matters. Now can you change a will? Do you know how many prospective clients call our firm and interview our attorneys asking us about a will that had a mistake where somebody was omitted, didn’t receive the inheritance they were supposed to receive, may have gotten cut out or maybe somebody else received a much bigger inheritance or share than they were suppose too.

Can you change a will after death. The answer is in Florida – yes read chapter 732.615 about reforming a will based on a mistake but talk to a serious probate litigation law firm who’s actually tried cases on Reformation. It very unique area of the law it’s relatively new to Florida even though the statue is a few years old but a lot of probate lawyer say they go to court, say they handle cases and they really don’t. They don’t know the evidence code they don’t know the rules of civil procedure they don’t handle a lot of trials and they don’t handle a lot of appeals. So be very careful and ask questions if you’re looking for a probate litigation lawyer to try to ensure that you really get a trial lawyer who’s in there trying cases.