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Can Your Attorney Charge You Interest for Services & Costs

Can your attorney charge you interest on unpaid balances for services and costs?

Breaking up a Florida business. Should a custodian be appointed to operate and manage the business while the partners litigate. Hello my name is John Pankauski. The appellate lawyers and trial attorneys here at the Pankauski Hauser handle matters throughout the State of Florida and many times we get calls about business disputes. Florida Corporation or limited liability companies and the partners aren’t getting along and there is an involuntary dissolution. Right, they’re breaking up the company. and when the partners fight, usually about money, they’re doing so in court. One of the questions becomes, who’s going to run the business, who’s going to operate and manage the business. The question that you may be asked or which a judge may be asked in the Florida courtroom for this business lawsuit is, should a custodian be appointed? Should we have some independent third party with knowledge running the business while the partners litigate in Florida. To read more about this business litigation lawsuit subject consider reading a April 30th 2018 appellate opinion from Florida 1st District Court of Appeal. The Graham case vs. Uphold. You can read it free of charge by going to the 1st District’s Court of Appeal website, searching by date and by the names of the party.