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Calculation of Damages and Civil Theft Lawsuits in Florida

Civil theft lawsuits and the calculation of damages. In 2019, a Palm Beach County judge was upheld on appeal before Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal in how he calculated interest on a civil theft statute. We got treble damages. This is the law in Florida. When you’re calculating interest that you get on civil theft, if you prevail at trial and you get treble damages, do you know how to calculate interest?

There’s an older case that also tells us how to calculate interest on your damages when you win a civil theft lawsuit in Florida. It's the Sebastiano case, it’s from 2008. It’s Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal 984 So. 2d 673.

Remember, calculating interest on your Florida trust lawsuit or estate lawsuit or a civil theft lawsuit is an important element. Just like you need to calculate attorney’s fees properly, know how to plead and get attorney’s fees, know how to prove your damages at your jury trial and know how to calculate interest.