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Breach of Fiduciary Duties by a Florida Trustee

A breach of the fiduciary duty by a Florida trustee is a very serious accusation. In Florida trust law, we call it a “Breach of Trust.” It’s the same thing. What it means is that a Florida trustee was not living up to its standard. Some important points about that, one, if you’re a Florida trustee, you may be breaching your fiduciary duties without even knowing it. That’s why we suggest that all Florida trustees retain an experienced Florida lawyer who handles trust litigation or trust lawsuits. It doesn’t matter who you get as long as they’re experienced and they understand Florida trust law. Why? Because if you’re a Florida trustee and you’ve breached your fiduciary duty, you could be removed. You could also, personally, be responsible for paying damages. You could also, personally, be responsible for paying your attorney’s fees and also the attorney’s fees from the other side.