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Attorney Fees — Pankauski Law Firm — Attorney Fees and Costs

If you’re involved in a dispute involving wills, trusts, and estates, inheritances, guardianship matters, you may or may not be able to recover your attorneys fees, either from the other side, or from an estate or trust, or someones fund or money. The first rule is that there’s no guarantees. No matter what anyone tells you, there’s no guarantee that the money that you spend on attorneys fees is going to be recovered. And even if you do recover there’s no guarantee that you will recover every single dollar that you spend.

But here are some ground rules that always work. One, there are laws out there, there are statutes, that do call for the recovery of attorneys fees under certain circumstances. You and you legal team should be familiar with all those statutes that would allow you to recover your attorneys fees. And you should file motions or petitions which protect your rights, in an attempt to recover as much in attorneys fees and costs as you’re able to. Two, keep in mind you should have an attorney who is experienced in attorneys fees disputes. They require evidence and evidentiary hearings in a court of law.

When dealing with wills, trusts and estates, and attorneys fees, it is possible that if you prevail a court will order your fees be paid from the losing party or the other side. In addition to that, in the context of an estate, a will, or trust, it may be possible if you prevail to have the judge instruct that your attorney’s fee be paid from someone else’s inheritance or a distribution from a particular trust.