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Apportionment of Estate Taxes

Who pays the US estate tax when a person dies?.

Apportionment of estate tax. Is that the new area that beneficiaries are fighting over. Who pays the US estate tax when somebody dies? Well we know that beneficiaries don’t generally right, we
know that the US estate Tax is a transfer based tax that the transfer or the person who’s deceased, his or her estate pays the estate tax or his or her revocable trust pays the estate tax but
what about apportionment. If you have assets going to all these different beneficiaries, do they share the burden of the estate tax equally or does the residuary beneficiary pick up the Estate
Tax? You need to know state law for the apportionment of estate tax. You also need to know what the governing document, the will of the trust says about who pays the estate tax, which beneficiaries
end up picking up the tab.