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Appealing an Attorneys Fees Ruling in Florida

Do you know whether you can appeal an order that was entered regarding attorney fees.

Appealing an attorney fees order or ruling in Florida. Hello my name is John Pankauski, I’m a litigation attorney with Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach Florida. Let’s say you just had an order that was entered that deals with attorneys fees. Do you know whether that’s appeal able or not. Do you know if you can seek review of that order or not. Be very careful because Florida has very unique rules.
An order on entitlement saying you yet attorneys fees generally is not appealable because it’s not a final order. Generally an award or an order on attorney fees becomes final when the dollar amount is set. So you can’t necessarily appeal an order of entitlement until the dollar amount is set. Be cautious about that, because in Florida many times courts will deal with the issue of entitlement. Are you entitled to get attorneys fees do you win attorneys fees in one matter right or in one day or in one hearing and then later at a subsequent hearing you’re going to litigate the amount and we all know that the attorneys fees need to be reasonable in Florida. To read more about this issue
on orders and attorney’s fees matters, consider reading the Third District Court of Appeal opinion from April 11th 2018 in the case of Acosta vs. Tower Hill Signature Insurance Company.