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Appealing an Arbitration Ruling

How do you appeal an arbitration proceeding?

Appealing an arbitration ruling or judgement. Hello my name is John Pankauski, I’m a litigation attorney with Pankauskii Hauser in West Palm Beach. How do you appeal an arbitration proceeding? Remember an arbitration proceeding is kind of a private trial, right. We don’t do it in the court of law, we do it before an arbitration panel, usually in somebody’s conference room. Many times arbitration provisions are in contracts that says if you have a disagreement or you need relief you can’t go to a court, you need to go to an arbitration panel and the rules of arbitration apply. So what do you do if somebody appeals an arbitration ruling or you need to appeal an arbitration ruling. Do you know the difference between going to circuit court and the appellate court? And, in very limited circumstances are you permitted to go the District Court of Appeal. Read the Iron Horse case this the Bloom vs Iron Horse Property Assoc. It was issued April 11th 2018 by Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeal.