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Appealing a Florida Lawsuit Discovery Order

Appealing a Florida lawsuit discovery order. How do you get help protecting confidential information or attorney client privileged documents? It is April 2019 on April 24th 2019, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal, that’s the appellate court in Miami issued a very important ruling that will help you if you’re involved in a Florida lawsuits, such as a Florida probate lawsuit or probate litigation or a trust lawsuit. Read the Shir Law Group versus Carnevale. It was issued April 24th. So if you go to the Third DCA website, click on opinion, scroll down to the date and find this case by name. You can read all about a discovery order at a trial court and it goes into detail about how you can file an appeal to protect confidential or privileged information from being disclosed to the other side. Appealing a discovery orders, one of those things, cat-out-of-the-bag evidence that may be appropriate for review by the District Court of Appeal. After all, if you are ordered or somebody has ordered to produce confidential or privileged communications and appellate court wants to hear about that right away because once that confidence is bright and broken, once those privileged documents are released, the harm is already done.