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Amending your lawsuit in Florida

Are you permitted to do amend a complaint in a Florida lawsuit? The general answer is yes.

Amending your lawsuit in Florida. How many chances do you get? Hello my name is John Pankauski. I’m a litigation attorney with Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach. You know, people file lawsuit, they filed complaints with the court and they’re generally permitted or allowed to amend their complaint and this is very common for litigation attorneys in Florida. Sometimes new facts are discovered which requires a dismissal of a matter or sometimes facts are discovered where your strategy changes and you have to add a different count, a different cause of action. You need to amend your complaint or amend your lawsuit. Are you permitted to do that? And the general rule in Florida is that parties are freely are allowed to freely amend their complaint as long as there is no Prejudice, usually if there’s something set for trial, is not being used as a delaying tactic and the process of amending hasn’t been abused by a party. If you’re involved in a situation where you’re not being permitted to amend your complaint that maybe error. To read more about this important Florida rule of Civil Procedure or this important Florida litigation topic, read the April 4th 2018 opinion of If Six were Nine LLC versus Lincoln Road 3 III LLC, April 4th 2018. It talks about amending a complaint amending a lawsuit and when a court should permit somebody to amend a complaint you can read it free of charge by going to the Third District Court of Appeal website, clicking on opinion scrolling down to the date and looking for the parties names.