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Advising Estate Planning Attorney (2.5 CLE Ethics Credits)

Webinar: Estate Planning Attorney – Malpractice & Ethics

Florida Bar approved webinar for Estate Planning Attorney’s by West Palm Beach Probate Attorney John Pankauski regarding malpractice and ethics.
*This webinar, is worth 2.5 CLE Ethics Credits until June 2017.
Course Description – a one hour ethics CLE for attorneys who prepare estate plans, wills and trusts.


    1. Introduction
      1. Why do we care?
      2. $56 Trillion wealth shift
      3. Increased litigation
    2. What is Malpractice?
      1. Defined/ elements of cause of action
      2. Privity requirement
      3. Exception to privity requirement
      4. Estate planning malpractice
        1. Fact Pattern: requested change to estate plan not completed by attorney; client passes away
        2. Who can sue?
        3. Castleberry case and spendthrift trusts
      5. Limitations of DCA opinions
      6. Statute of limitations
      7. When does cause of action accrue?
      8. Can’t I draft around it/limit my liability? (no)
    3. Ethics
      1. Ethical Rules
      2. How doe Ethical Rules impact practice?
      3. Legal services contracts
      4. Charging liens
    4. Conclusion

John J. Pankauski is a partner with Pankauski Hauser PLLC in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Mr. Pankauski has spent over 20 years of his career handling matters involving wills, trusts, estates, probates, and guardianships.  His practice is limited to disputes, trials and appeals of such matters.  He is AV Preeminent rated by Martindale Hubel.