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Florida Service of Process: Did You Sue Someone Properly

Florida service of process. Did you sue someone properly or can they get out of it? On April 24th 2019, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal, that’s the appellate court for Miami Dade County issued an opinion in the Epstein case. Epstein versus Brunel and MC2 Model and Talent Miami LLC. This was a service of process case. It’s a Florida appeals court opinion about service of process, the actual circumstances or event of taking a lawsuit and properly serving it upon or giving it to one of the named defendants. Why is Florida Service of process so important? Because of our constitution, we need to give proper notice to somebody so that they may have an opportunity to be heard and have an opportunity to come before a Florida court to defend themselves. And if service of process in Florida is not proper or it’s not effective then that service or that complaint may be dismissed and then you have to reserve the defendant. So, to read more about that, consider going to the Third District Court of Appeal website. Click on the date, April 24th 2019, scroll down. You can read this opinion on Florida service of process, free of charge.