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Do You Need an Ancillary Estate

What is ancillary proceedings and how can you avoid them?

Multiple probates not in Florida. Do you need an ancillary estate? If somebody dies a resident of a state you have a main probate in that state, in the county where the decedent was a resident. What if you owned property in another state you may need an ancillary proceeding in that other state? There’s ways to avoid it very inexpensively. If you own a house in Nantucket, put it in an LLC or put it in a corporation that’s down here. If you own a ski lodge in in Utah or Montana put that in an LLC or maybe your revocable trust or a partnership or a corporation that you own down here. There’s ways to avoid ancillary proceedings if you do the planning. If you don’t do the planning and mom or dad die and they’ve got all this property all around the world or in different states you’re going to need to open ancillary proceedings.