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Expert and Fact Witnesses in Florida Litigation

Do you understand what a fact witness can and can’t testify too or the scope of the testimony from an expert witness brought by the other side?

Expert and fact witnesses in Florida litigation. Hello, my name is John Pankauski. I’m a litigation attorney with Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach. Do you know the limited purpose of an expert witness at trial? Do you know what a fact witness can and can not testify too? Before you go to trial, talk to your probate litigation attorney about what witness you have who are going to testify and the scope of their expected testimony. Also, if the other side is offering a fact witness or an expert witness, do you know how to cross examine them and do you know the scope of the testimony that they can offer? Do you know the limits degree or issues that they can offer testimony on? For more about this, read a very recent Florida Supreme Court opinion dated March 22th 2018. It’s the Gutierrez vs Vargas case, the Florida Supreme Court case number is SC15-1924. You can read it free of charge by going to the Florida Supreme Court website, clicking on opinions and scrolling down by the date and then reading this case.