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Electronic Filing of Court Documents in Florida

Do you understand the rules of judicial administration regarding the e-filing of documents to the court.

Electronic filing of court documents in Florida. Understanding the rules of judicial administration. Hello, my name is John Pankuski. I’m a probate litigation attorney with Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach. The appellate attorneys and trial lawyers in our firm handle matters throughout the state of Florida. Now, everybody knows you should read the probate code, the trust code and the guardianship code but if you handle trials and appeals involving probate matters it’s very important to read Rule 2.525 of the Florida rules of judicial administration. Don’t over look that. That has to do with e-filing and as everybody knows now we have a portal and that you are suppose to e-file documents electronically and you are suppose to e-serve documents electronically. Read the rules of judicial administration to understand the niceties and the specifics of how to file documents and serve documents electronically.