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Sanctions for Someone Failing to Comply With Discovery Orders

What do you do when even when the other side is forced to comply with your discovery requests, but even then the answers they provide are inadequate?

Sanctions for somebody for failing to comply with discovery requests and discovery orders. Hello, my name is John Pankauski. I’m a trial attorney with Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach. We handle trials, disputes and appeals involving wills, trusts, estates, probates and guardianship’s. Have you ever been involved in an estate or inheritance lawsuit and you’ve propounded or sent discovery to the other side and they are just not playing nicely. They wont respond to your discovery even after you ask them too in writing and you are forced to file a motion to compel them to comply with your discovery and then the answers they give you are inadequate. You think to some extent, they are not proper, they are not acting or responding in good faith. What can you do? Well, you can seek an order from a court, compelling the party to give you complete and accurate answers to your discovery, responses to your discovery and you should also know that there is a rule out there. That if somebody fails to make discovery, if they will not comply with a courts order, if they don’t respond to your discovery properly check out rule 1.380. That’s a rule of civil procedure that your trust litigation attorney or your estate litigation law firm should know about. If you are involved for example in a guardianship or a inheritance lawsuit and the other side isn’t complying with your discovery requests. Remember that discovery requests are when you ask the other party or the other side to answer questions under oath in derogatory or produce certain records or documents or request for production of documents. For more information about this rule, or how to get the information which you seek in discovery before you go to trial, talk to an experienced Florida probate litigation law firm.