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Florida Litigation and Compulsory Counter Claims

When do you, the defendant have to sue the person who is suing you.

Florida litigation and compulsory counter claims. When do you, the defendant have to sue the person suing you. Hello, my name is John Pankauski, I’m a probate litigation attorney with Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our law firm comprised of appellate and trial lawyers who handle matters throughout the state of Florida. If you are involved in a lawsuit, your going to be suing someone or you are going to be the defendant and you are going to be sued by somebody. If you a defendant in a Florida lawsuit you have the ability, indeed you have the obligation to bring a counter claim or a counter lawsuit against the person who sued you. Do you know the difference between compensatory counter claims and permissive ones. A recent Florida Appellate court case helps you understand compulsory counter claims. Check out the Wichman case, Wichman vs Conrad and Shearer LLC. It was issued Jan 10th 2018 by Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeal, talks all about counter claims and mandatory or compulsory counter claims. If you are being sued and you are thinking about bringing a counter claim you want to read this case, it’s recent and it’s pertinent. My name is John Pankauski and this concludes my remarks about this recent Appellate opinions case.