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Florida Real Estate Litigation and Covenants running with the Land

What you need to know to win at trial regarding covenants that may or may not run with your land.

Florida real estate litigation and covenant running with the land, what you need to know to prevail at trial. Hello, my name is John Pankauski, I’m a litigator with Pankauski Hauser in West Palm Beach. The appellate lawyers and trial attorneys at our firm handle matters throughout the state of Florida. Are you involved in real estate litigation right now involving the use of your property or maybe your neighbors property? Do you have covenants that may or may not run with the land, restrictions on property near you and maybe even restrictions on your own property? There was a very lengthy opinion from Florida’s 3rd District Court of Appeal, Miami’s Dade Counties Appellate Court that talks all about covenants with Florida real estate. You should read this if you are involved in a covenant that run with the land or a real estate lawsuit. The case is Two Islands Development Corp vs Clark. It was issued on Jan 24th 2018, 3rd District it’s a 2016 case, the case number is 388. Check it out, you can go the 3rd District Court of Appeal website, click on opinions, scroll down by date and then by party name you can print the entire opinion and read that. It’s a necessary read if you are involved in a real estate litigation involving covenants.