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5 Secrets to Winning Your Florida Trust Lawsuit

Probate Litigation Attorney John Pankauski breaks down the 5 things your lawyer needs to understand before tackling a Florida Trust Lawsuit.

If you are involved in a trust dispute, here are 5 things that you and your trust litigator may want to consider. First of all, there are very short statutes of limitations that you have to know about. So read what ever your trustee is sending you and recognize that in some cases in may be as small as 6 months. Two, if you are involved in a trust dispute, you need to know the rules of evidence because you are going to have a trial and maybe you can get a jury trial, maybe you don’t. Maybe you have a bench trial but you need to know that. The fourth thing that you have to know is need to is the Florida Probate rules but the rules of civil procedure.
Because you have a trial that you need to conduct. That’s an entirely different skill set than writing a will or a trust or understanding the rights. Finally, when you are at trial, understand that there may be an appeal if the other side loses. Know what your rights are, know what the evidentiary and other issues are at trial so that if there is a trust appeal, you are prepared to win.